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Re: SG-W:/ The Ann Arbor News

I believe you've mixed your examples below.  On the one hand you say "every
architect in the city would be pro-growth", but then you say "most
architects I know are definitely against sprawl".  Growth is not the same
thing as sprawl.

Is there any reason to believe that architects can't be in favor of
good-quality growth and against sprawl at the same time?

The people running the News are publishers.  They own a business.  It seems
to me that they just don't take positions that would bite the hand that
feeds them, and they do take positions against things that injure their
pro-development friends.  You could also make the argument that they
represent a "minority" viewpoint in the community.

Ken Clark

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From: "Kristen A. Gibbs" <kgibbs@umich.edu>
Subject: Re: SG-W:/ The Ann Arbor News

> However, to say that their editorial positions have been pro-growth
> because that would increase their circulation is, I think, far too
> simplistic. More likely, the change in editorial positions over time is
> more likely a result of a change in the editors themselves. If we were to
> follow your logic, every architect in the city would be pro-growth because
> it would give them more jobs. That isn't the case; most architects I know
> are definately against sprawl and for a livelier city, at least partly
> because sprawl is so ugly.
> -kg

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