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Re: SG-W:/ The Ann Arbor News

"Kristen A. Gibbs" wrote:

> I don't trust the editorial positions, but I do read them as they can
> bring up issues I did not know about, as in the case of the goings-on at
> Pittsfield Twshp. government. The re-organization that Tina talked about
> is something I would have never known of if it hadn't appeared as an
> editorial in the News, as I don't think they have covered it as a regular
> news item at all - though it probably should.

Fat chance.

> However, to say that their editorial positions have been pro-growth
> because that would increase their circulation is, I think, far too
> simplistic. More likely, the change in editorial positions over time is
> more likely a result of a change in the editors themselves. If we were to
> follow your logic, every architect in the city would be pro-growth because
> it would give them more jobs. That isn't the case; most architects I know
> are definately against sprawl and for a livelier city, at least partly
> because sprawl is so ugly.

Uh huh. I think Jon Weaver (aka REI, aka "Mr. Newmarket") was singing a song about
the curses of urban sprawl, too. What he (and others) fail to understand, though,
is that there's a place for everything. The spot he circled on the map was--IS--all
wrong. It's urban sprawl in disguise.

> As for the News' viewpoints, I believe that you can still write an essay
> and submit it as an independant view. So if you feel quite strongly about
> an issue and don't think they do a good enough job of covering it, then
> write to them! As long as it was a variety of people writing in, I don't
> see how they could deny us for long.

I've lost count of how many letters I've written (oh, the hours I've spent, honing,
rewriting, researching for facts, etc.) and sent to the A2News. How many have you
read that were attributed to me? Why, I just sent one flying, about a week ago.
Judy McGovern told me that that one is "on deck." Must be the poop deck. :-)

To give and not to feel that one has given
is the very best of all ways of giving.
--Max Beerbohm

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