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Re: SG-W:/ The Ann Arbor News

Actually the AA News and Saline Reporter both presented front-page articles
and Jake Reading had a story on WEMU about the first meeting of the new
board. While the articles were reasonably well written and fairly accurate,
I thought that Jake's story, complete with audiotape of Tina (she sounded
very calm and thoughtful), was the best.  On the other hand, I would never
want to get my facts from an editorial piece since the bias of the writer
typically obscures the facts.  Unfortunately many people seem to gather
their information from the OP-ED section of the newspaper, and I suspect
this is exactly why the AA News chose to present their view of the
Pittsfield Board in this manner.

The agenda of the News is obvious—they are trying to discredit the newly
elected Township Board.  A difference of opinion is fine, however I see no
difference of opinion in this editorial.  They have attacked the credibility
of the officials, not their position.  As a matter of fact the editorial
states that the board must now  "Pursue the development philosophies they
campaigned on" and admit that the electorate elected this board to do just
that.  If the News editorial board just disagrees with the Township board,
than they could have used the facts in their proper context and suggested
that this was the wrong way to run a Township.  However, since the facts in
context do not support this opinion, the News found it necessary to present
the facts in a misleading manner.  This can be nothing more that a blatant
and malicious attempt to discredit the board and the legitimately elected
officials, by misleading the public to form a negative perception of these

I will not speculate on the motive of the AA News though others have
suggested some very reasonable motives for the actions of the News.
Regardless of how much more difficult the job of the Township Board will
become if the AA News succeeds in turning public opinion against the Board
members, it is essential that this Board moves with the appropriate sense of
urgency to fulfill the mandate of the voters.  Once the dust settles and we
have provided the community with a responsive administration that works in
the best interests of the citizens, I expect that our constituents will get
beyond the misrepresentations made by the News.  Hopefully our actions will
speak louder than the words of the AA News editorial board.

Respectfully Yours,

Jeffrey Marine

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