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SG-W:/ Re: Banana Bluffs

Everyone - my apologies to all - apparently my sense of humor has as usual 
completely missed the mark! For all concerned - I was NOT in any way 
attacking Doug Cowherd, I was joking about the way the Snooze zinged us in 
Pitts, then turned right around and zinged the AA environmental crowd about 
the Parks millage. The part where I wrote HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA 
HA HA HA HA was supposed to indicate hilarious laughter at our shared 
situation of being misrepresented by the Snooze editorialist. And I was 
jokingly saying, "Thanks pal," because I assumed everyone would start 
writing about the bluffs editorial instead of the banana republic editorial, 
thus taking the focus off us in Pitts for a while.I assumed everyone had 
read the bluffs editorial? I didn't save it or anything - but it must have 
been around Dec. 18? Again, I'm sorry - I just have a way lame sense of 
humor. Tina
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