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SG-W:/ AA Newz Op-Ed

Christina Lirones wrote:

> [snip]And thanks to Ron Torrella for his very kind letter to the editor today
> re the editorial on Pitts- Tina
> (Chiquita)

Unfortunately, the letter should have mentioned that Judith Walter wasn't paid a
dime--in fact, wasn't even appointed "deputy supervisor," or whatever. But the
point was that Jim Walter essentially asked his wife to watch the office for a
few hours while he finished up at EMU. That's not nepotism. If someone wants to
try to make hay out of what appears to be some sort of impropriety, let 'em try.
The truth is just underneath the surface. Let 'em FOIA Accounts Payable to see
if there's a check in there made out to Judith. Ha!

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanza! Happy Hannakah! Happy New Year!
(did I miss anyone?)

Ron Torrella

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