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Re: SG-W:/ AANews article favorable to Newmarket development

Yeah, that was interesting. The points I was disappointed that were missed:

1.) Maryland has impact fees, thousands of dollars per house, which make 
Kentlands at least not as devestating FINANCIALLY to the communities where 
they go in.

2.) Newmarket is planned for an environmentally sensitive and very wet area. 
It would be a disaster to our environment here.

3. There is a lovely existing neighborhood surrounding the site for 
Newmarket. All NM's dainty street exit onto our streets, which would then be 
massively widened to become collector roads. The impervious surface impact 
and the traffic impact would be horrific. What about our kids? What about 
our safety? And this area already floods - I can't picture how NM could 

4. Several false "facts" about NM keep cropping up. Just as a correction, NM 
WILL NOT protect the rookery. The developer talked with fondness about the 
rookery, but plans houses and a major road right next to it. He refused to 
consider USF&W recommendation or Mich. DNR standards. He was pretty sick if 
the Herons by the end of the process, and started saying, Look, they're not 
protected or endangered, so what's the big deal by the last few meetings.

Also, there IS NOT a 15 year build out. I have no idea where that came from. 
They can build em as fast as they can sell em.

5. As one who fielded calls for days (weeks) about snow removal, I just 
cannot picture those narrower roads here. Is Maryland like this now, 
snow-wise? I don't know. Any info from listserve members?

5. Finally, I never understand these articles that talk about how wonderful 
the subdivision is and how fast the houses sell. This is not about this 
particular piece of sprawl. Every sub in Pittsfield and sells well; everyone 
who lives in one likes it, and every realtor has found a dream come true 
here. You should hear how much folks in low density neighboehoods love them! 
What we are concerned about is protecting the existing residents, the 
environment, and in this particular area, our viable farm economy. There are 
so many important functions performed by the Ag district, besides habitat, 
things that human residents need - like kennels, for example, which I run, 
and would get surrounded if NM was built  - we just had a really hot public 
hearing about expanding a kennel next to a residential area that grew up 
around the kennel. The new residents had a huge problem with the kennel 
expanding.  What is so wrong with having a township land use plan which 
serves all our residents, so dog owners or horse owners don't have to drive 
50 miles for boarding? What is so wrong with having an unbroken greenway? 
Why are we supposed to be a sprawling residential area, a suburb of AA? Why 
can't we provide a much needed Urban Agriculural district?

Merry Christmas everyone! Tina

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