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SG-W:/ Virus warning


Sometime in the past month, my home computer was infected with the W95.MTX
virus.  This virus propagates by monitoring outgoing email and sending a
copy of itself to the same person to whom the infected user sends an email,
usually within a minute or so of the initial email.

If you received a pair of emails from me any time in the last month, with
the second email containing an attachment, your system may have been
infected with this email.  I've confirmed that the virus did propagate from
my computer as of the morning of 12/22 (last Friday) but haven't been able
to determine whether it propagated before then.

Once activated, the virus prevents you from accessing most anti-virus
internet sites such as www.mcafee.com or www.sarc.com.  You can test for
infection by trying to access one of these sites; if you are infected, your
browser will shut down when you try to do so.

The virus can be removed with the appropriate software, available from both
McAfee and Symantec.

I hope none of you have PCs that have been infected by this virus; if so,
and if I was the source of it, I am deeply sorry.  I've installed an
up-to-date antivirus program with an automatic update feature to prevent any

  - Michael Sklar

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