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SG-W:/ Recent list posting

Due to the fact that the content of your posting seems to be driven by newspaper accountings I'm assuming that you have not been an active participant in Township government.  Up until three years ago I too relied on second or third hand interpretations and editorials for information.  (Often falsehoods or misrepresentations as in this case.)  By doing so I had stepped away from my responsibility to participate in the democratic process.
I strongly encourage you to attend meetings and to become directly involved.  With the current leadership in Pittsfield we have the potential for creating a model community that embodies the attributes & philosophies of the sustainability movement.  This is a unique opportunity since we finally have a government that encourages inclusion in contrast to our history of exclusion.
It's time for residents to step up to the plate and participate in the process. 
Ann Harris
Pittsfield Twp.