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Re: SG-W:/ Recent list posting

Thanks Ann - I wanted to add a couple things to my previous post - that is, 
that Judith Walter came in VOLUNTARILY and was UNPAID for her one week of 
help in assisting Jim to start up his office. I think to qualify for hiring 
or nepotism, you have to get paid! Thank you again for your service to the 
Township, Judith.

Also, Carol implied that there was a closed meeting of some kind? This is 
not the case. All meetings are open to the public and are posted and 
publicized, plus we fax the agendas to the AA News for the Meetings section. 
Of course, the meetings are on the same days each month, unless a special 
nmeeting is held, and the public is always welcome.

In the past, Twp. Officials were nearly taken to court over excessive use of 
closed or executive meetings. The back room was the norm. Not any more! And 
we let the public talk at the meetings at times besides the public comment 
at the beginning, where the previous admin. would refuse to recognize anyone 
from the audience. They would actually vote to refuse to recognize you!

The web site is currently on hold since the previous administration ran up 
gigantic bills on paid consultants. It's way over budget, so we want to do 
it in house. While I can't say much about firing people who were described 
by our opponents as "qualified", I can say that one of the 2 people let go 
was responsible for these budget overruns, and that's not the least of our 
problems. The other was a pal (hired over qualified internal applicants) of 
the previous Clerk, and she was not good and probationary (at her position 
for a month and a half) so I let her go.

Also, the previous folks made the public FOIA every single item of 
information, and wait five days for the most routine request. This stopped 
immediately when we took office, and we attempt to fulfill requests 
immediately, for free for residents now, thanks to my super duper Deputy 
Clerk, Jan Ben Dor.

Finally, we are far from novices. Jim and I have attended every planning 
commission and board meeting for years. Jeff and Marilyn attended tons of 
meetings, too. Greg ran for office in Pitts. before. Jeff and I applied for 
several appointed positions, but the old admin. wouldn't have us. Jim and 
Ken were elected and served on Parks Commission in Pitts. Jim has six years 
experience as a county commissioner, and 21 years experience as planning 
commissioner (County and Ypsi Twp, I think?)

We ran a candidate for treasurer, but the incumbent, Bob Skrobola, won. We 
are in complete agreement that Newmarket should be fought vigorously, or we 
might as well throw in the towel on protecting our township from 
innapropriate proposed devlopments. Bob has years of township experience, 
and has no intention of putting the township in financial jeopardy.

That's enough about all this silly stuff - Christina Lirones

>From: "Ann Harris" <mealsonwheels@provide.net>
>To: <crisch42@yahoo.com>
>CC: "Smartgrowth Listserv" <smartgrowth-washtenaw@great-lakes.net>
>Subject: SG-W:/ Recent list posting
>Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 09:44:58 -0500
>Due to the fact that the content of your posting seems to be driven by 
>newspaper accountings I'm assuming that you have not been an active 
>participant in Township government.  Up until three years ago I too relied 
>on second or third hand interpretations and editorials for information.  
>(Often falsehoods or misrepresentations as in this case.)  By doing so I 
>had stepped away from my responsibility to participate in the democratic 
>I strongly encourage you to attend meetings and to become directly 
>involved.  With the current leadership in Pittsfield we have the potential 
>for creating a model community that embodies the attributes & philosophies 
>of the sustainability movement.  This is a unique opportunity since we 
>finally have a government that encourages inclusion in contrast to our 
>history of exclusion.
>It's time for residents to step up to the plate and participate in the 
>Ann Harris
>Pittsfield Twp.

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