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Re: SG-W:/ Meeting at Leopold's

Leopold's is a pleasant place and apparently an environmentally sound 
enterprise, but I worry about their ability to make an ongoing business of 
it.  They have only the small parking lot to the south of the building, and 
are away from any other convenient parking and also away from almost anything 
else people might be visiting during Leopold's evening hours --  a much less 
favorable location than, say, Conor O'Neill's a couple of blocks to the 
North. Do you have the sense they can make a go of it and stay in business 
for a while?

<< hi,
 just thought i'd chime in with what i know about leopolds'.  i visit
 leopolds' fairly often and usually chat with either or both of the two
 brothers who own it.  i've never taken their tour, though, so can't tell
 you how they brew their beer or how closed the process is.
 i heard from scott leopold just a few weeks ago that he's starting to
 devote more attention to the greenhouse phase of the business and hopes to
 have some plants in the greenhouse this spring.
 they do have a limited food menu now -- hamburgers, veggie burgers, etc.,
 served with chips.  nothing very extensive, though, and nothing that would
 feed a meeting full of people.  they have a collection of take-out menus
 behind the bar and don't mind if patrons order dinner and have it
 delivered there.  when i do this with friends though, we always take our
 trash (pizza boxes and such) with us when we leave.  no use leaving our
 waste for them to deal with.
 i think they are doing fairly well, business-wise.  at least that is what
 todd leopold told me just the other day.  of course, i'm guessing they'd
 be happy with more business.  i do my best to take my business there
 whenever i can.  (why? i think they brew really good beer, i like the beer
 garden atmosphere and seating arrangement, and like what they are trying
 to do.) while it may seem a bit worn on the inside, it may be because much
 of the furniture was either purchased used or built using seconds from the
 lumberyard (in keeping with the sustainable business theme).  the long
 tables and benches were made by the leopold brothers and their father.
 maureen austin
 On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Kristen A. Gibbs wrote:
 > Friends, 
 > A matter of curiosity: I see Leopold's mentioned a lot on this list as a
 > place to meet, given its 'sustainable' reputation. To exerpt from Mike
 > Garfield's message -
 > > The site of the meeting, Leopold Brothers Brewery, is "the world's
 > > first zero waste brewery."  The operation converts brewing waste to
 > > fertilizer, captures carbon dioxide for greenhouse use, recovers steam
 > > for its kegging line, and uses all organic ingredients.  The owners
 > > will offer tours of their facility after the annual meeting.
 > When this brewery opened, I had visions of a great greenhouse in the back
 > growing the hops and any other plant materials needed for brewing. That
 > impression I had has never come to be (nor do I know if that was their
 > intention). Does anyone on list know how they make their organic beer? Is 
 > it really a closed process? I realize I ought to take the tour and go to
 > the Ecology Center meeting, but I will be out of town this weekend.
 > More importantly, though, I was just there a few weeks ago, and sadly it
 > looks a bit... well-worn. As far as I know, they have never been able to
 > serve food, so any event there has to be catered. I'd like to see this
 > company succeed, does anyone here know how they are doing?
 > -kg >>

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