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SG-W:/ Meeting at Leopold's

i sincerly hope they can make a go of it, (and am doing my part to see
that they do!).  :)

as for parking, i try to walk there when i visit, but have seen people
park in the lot across the street.  ann arbor is such a great town for
walking.  i don't find leopolds' too far from the other main street

this makes me realize how our sense of distance is often shaped by our
mode of transportation.  i came across the exerpt below a few years ago
and liked the imagery it gave on how our perception of distance can
change, often without our knowledge and with a result that somehow
diminishes our ability to view the world around us.  (it's from mander,
j., "four arguments for the elimination of television."  new york:  
morrow quill paperbacks.  1978.)

"some years ago i decided to walk to work every day instead of driving. it
changed getting to work into a pleasurable experience -- no traffic jams
or parking hassles -- and i would stop now and then for coffee and a chat
with a friend.  more important, it changed my conception of distance. my
office was twenty blocks from my home, about a thirty-minute walk.  i
noticed that walking that distance was extremely easy.  i hadn't known
that my previous conception of twenty blocks was one which technology had
created.  my knowledge was car-knowledge.  i had become mentally and
physically a car-person.  now i was connecting distance and range to my
body, making the conception personal rather than mechanical, outside

of course not everyone can walk to work, but i suspect that at least a few
of the distances around ann arbor that we are quick to drive, might in
fact, turn out to be much more pleasant when experienced without our cars.


On Fri, 19 Jan 2001 Rober98@aol.com wrote:

> Leopold's is a pleasant place and apparently an environmentally sound 
> enterprise, but I worry about their ability to make an ongoing business of 
> it.  They have only the small parking lot to the south of the building, and 
> are away from any other convenient parking and also away from almost anything 
> else people might be visiting during Leopold's evening hours --  a much less 
> favorable location than, say, Conor O'Neill's a couple of blocks to the 
> North. Do you have the sense they can make a go of it and stay in business 
> for a while?

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