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SG-W:/ Fwd: Re: manufactured housing

Hi all - I got this bizarre anonymous e mail, and I don't know how this 
person got whatever I sent or even what s/he's referring to, since I haven't 
been too involved with Mobile Home Park stuff on the list or otherwise, 
though I should be! Beware of creepy emails from outside forces infiltrating 
the list - and keep up the good work and discussion. I also consider the 
hateful email by Carol Risch posted here a little while ago which attacked 
me personally as part of the infiltration- she doesn't seem to live in 
Pittsfield, but rather in Albert Township, as far as I can tell - though 
that might be another Carol Risch. So, be careful, but don't be scared. 
There are folks out there trying to mess with our heads! Tina

>From: VarcityPlaya1@aol.com
>To: goldenspiderfarm@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: manufactured housing
>Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 02:03:58 EST
>I am replying to an email written from this address which was posted on
>www.ohio.gov. I think you really need to settle down and accept the fact 
>mobile home communities are a good necessity to any township. They bring in
>some money through taxation and most importantly, it is providing nice
>housing for low costs which is the only option available to some citizens
>whom might otherwise be stranded.

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