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SG-W:/ Fwd: Re: manufactured housing

Hi all - I thought you might find this interesting. I'm going to take a look 
at this ohio address. Seems wierd that a really old email that I sent into 
the smartgrowth list serve could be accessed this way, but probably not as 
sinister as I originally thought. Tina

>From: VarcityPlaya1@aol.com
>To: goldenspiderfarm@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: manufactured housing
>Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 11:34:25 EST
>Hi, I was originally replying to this email; this email with a lot of 
>concerning mobile homes are all posted on www.ohio.gov by typing "mobile
>home" in the search engine.
>"Hi all - I'm not too up on this, but my understanding of the problems with
>the Mobile Home Park Commission are that 1) it can override local control
>and get land rezoned for MHPs and 2) it doesn't have a balanced make-up:
>that is, almost everyone on the commission has an interest in seeing mobile
>home parks built. The concern I remember hearing from Alma Wheeler Smith's
>office was that there is no one from the environmental sector, nor
>agriculture. At least they have more elected officials on this new list, 
>where I come from, those folks are often easily persuaded by developers of
>all kinds (Fear of Lawsuits, mostly). I still see no one representing the
>environment or Ag, and with the inordinate amount of power that the MHPC
>has, this is a concern. This is an important battle. Ask anyone who has 
>been run over by the MHPC. They hold ALL the cards when it comes to
>rezonings. Tina"
>I would like to respond to your first email by saying how can you deny that
>there are needs for more housing everyday, or do you? Do you deny it just
>because you do not want to see a mobile home community going into your
>community because of its "bad image." Even though the yearly property taxes
>on the mobile homes might be low, such as $36/per year or whatever it might
>be in your county, city, or township such as it is nearly $250/per year on 
>1974 single-wide mobile home in Madison Co. which is appraised at less then
>$10,000. Think of the entire property tax being paid per year by the
>developer for the tract of land; I'm sure it is enough taxation income to
>break-even and even collect money for other needs. The Ohio Manufactured 
>Association - OMHA along with developers are working hard to design and 
>new communities that get rid of the old "bad image" of the parks. Mobile 
>communities are a good necessity to any small community.
>Thank you,
>Chad Harris

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