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Re: SG-W:/ www.ohio.gov

>Whoa! check this out. While I feel a little funny getting harangued by a guy 
>in Ohio about my views on Mobile Home Parks, and the poor guy clearly 
>thought I live in Ohio, it was interesting to check out the www.ohio.gov 
>website. Type any topic we've talked about into the search engine - I tried 
>"Newmarket." Everything we've written is there. And it's quicker than the 
>smartgrowth archives. Tina

Their search engine likely searches the entire Internet, which includes 
the SG-W archives, or else maybe they're mirroring certain sites (I 
really don't know much about that practice.) So it's not surprising that 
you saw what you saw. The speed is more likely a factor of hardware, 
network load, etc. than proximity. Plus, Ohio is right next door, so even 
the distance isn't much of a factor. 


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