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Re: SG-W:/ www.ohio.gov

At 3:49 AM +0000 1/24/2001, Christina Lirones wrote:
>Whoa! check this out. While I feel a little funny getting harangued by a guy
>in Ohio about my views on Mobile Home Parks, and the poor guy clearly
>thought I live in Ohio, it was interesting to check out the www.ohio.gov
>website. Type any topic we've talked about into the search engine - I tried
>"Newmarket." Everything we've written is there. And it's quicker than the
>smartgrowth archives.


  Looking at the source code shows that the Ohio site uses Texis, which is
a chunk of software that searches web sites. So, I guess it's no more
sinister than someone using Google. In fact, if you type "smartgrowth
Washtenaw" into Google, you will get the whole listserv.

   But it does show that nothing on the Internet is private.

- Bob Johnson

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