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SG-W:/ The archives

To all,

The recent emails from those who accessed our archives has prompted a
serious concern about who has access to information about those who
are on this list.  Basically, as it is set up now, anyone can find
out the email address of anyone who has posted to this list by browsing
through our public archives.

A few folks have expressed legitimate concerns about this, for public
safety and privacy reasons.  It is for this reason that I and others think
that it's a good idea to discontinue the public archives for

Has anyone been using the archives for any reason?  Just so you know,
those who are on the list will still be able to access the archives, if
needed.  I will post directions on how to do that at a later time.

Unless I hear serious objections, I will be discontinuing the public
archives withinin the next 48 hours.

This is also a good time to remind everyone that you must consider this a
public forum.  So don't say anything here that you wouldn't shout out loud
at the corner of Main and Liberty on a busy Friday night!


Jeff Surfus

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