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SG-W:/ Re: Anybody home??

Dear Muriel,

       Due to my slowness it has been difficult for me to reply to
individual messages. Therefore I wish to reply in a message to all which
will perhaps assist in obtaining Sustainability for a while at least.
       I wish to thank all people who gave positive replies to my post on
Sustainable Communities. I also wish to restate my viewpoint that in a time
of reduced resources The Planned Community is the only way that people will
be able to survive. This partly follows  the European model which is much
better than ours.
        The essential elements of the Community are partial self
sufficience, high housing density with multi stories, participation in both
agriculture and manufacturing, a very strong technical capability,
thriftiness, biomass, food storage, solar, wind, Combined Heat and Power,
mass orchard plantings, and Combined Heat, and Manufacturing. Property
rights must be preserved, yet there must be considerable sharing and joint
        My personal situation is that I am 76 years old and have 3 children
and 3 grandchildren in Ann Arbor. Therefore it is not easy for me to move. I
had hoped to see an Ecomindium built here and would certainly invest in a
unit (one of eight or twelve) which might be built for and would cost about
$150,000. I might live in this. However for outside investors it is
essential to be able to rent the unit so that you could make at least 5% on
your investment. This would be a better hedge gainst disaster than gold.
        I believe that Arkansas would be a good location because of its
warmer climate, longer growing season, and cheaper land. However to put
money into it, it must be a secure (not a high pay off) investment because I
am trying to leave something to my progeny. In Arkansas  would be able to
visit it and help with the technical ideas.
         Before anything can happen then you either have to find someone who
can finance the whole thing, or several investors who can each buy a share.
I think it would be important to have at least 10 enthusiastic people with a
little money in their pockert before anything can happen. Good renters would
be important also.because someone has to pay back the absentee investors.
         It is important to realize that the community would have to embrace
both the present and the future. Paying for the land and building could be
done with ordinary investment strategies. However paying for the experiments
such as biomass  gasification, steam cogeneration, cottage manufacturing,
solar boilers, and water recyling would be easier to do if the colony were
backed by local universities who would write proposals and get funds for the
prototypes of the future. Make no mistake, all essential things such as food
and energy will cost more in the future. Therefore these experiments are
both  costly and  essential.
         In order to make this happen we must form a plan and try to get
people to back it or at least to think it out. Maybe we could find someone
who could make a million dollar investment. The relocation problem is
serious because many people are chained to their jobs or families. Therefore
it has to be set up on both an occupancy and investment basis. I would hope
we could start a movement and build more than one Agromindium.
         Please try to recruit Bruce Thomson (and others). He is ambivalent
as to where he wants to live and would be a good organizer.
         There have been several good posts on this subject. I hope to save
them for future reference. We need ideas as to how to get enough energy to
make it work and enough capital to make it happen. Even one small apartment
house is a start.
          Please anyone who could invest and or inhabit, or who has ideas,
respond. We need positive structured ideas, not negatives. I repeat This is
the only way to cut way back on consumption.

                                     Kermit Schlansker  PE
----Original Message-----
From: Muriel Schmidt <muriels@nwark.com>
To: kssustain@provide.net <kssustain@provide.net>
Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 2:33 PM
Subject: Anybody home??

>Hello  fomr  Northwest Arkansas...
>I  get  messages  addressed as  above,  bouncing back from you,  and  I
>checked with  Bruce, and verifies  that  i do have
>it  correct,  so==============
>After reading  Bruce''s   message today  about  New Zealand,  i  wonder
>if  there are  others  who might be thinking  seriously about  the  enclave
>idea you  mentioned.
>I  do not know if any of my  ideas  have  been sketched  out  enough  to
>make  an  impression,  but  I  did select  Northweat  Arkansas  for the
>simple reason that is does have  even  seasons  for  year
>round  temp  changes,  moderate,  and  that  this area is  close enough
>to  the  other directions  to  make  for  wider  trade exchanges.
>Then  in  1965  made a purchase of  about  300 acres,  with the  main
>attraction being  the ONYX  CAVE  which  provides  56 degree
>temperature  year around.
>The cave is  located  in a  low grotto,  with a  small stream  dunning  out
>of it,  BEE  BRANCH  which flows into  Leatherwood  Creek,  which
>joins  the Kings River  to flow into the  Table  Rock  lake  to the
>north  border of Missouri.
>The property is located on a side road,  and  is   3
>miles  off  the  main  US  HGWY  62  which  connects  Eureka Sprins,  3
>miles West,  to  Berryville,  6 miles  east.  (  with the  WalMart
>Supercenter )
>With  some  ideas  using  geo-thermal  heating,  and  having  the  smaller
>units  cluster  around  with the cave  in the
>center,  this  would  be  the  general  thoughts,  --  of course,  there
>are fields fro  animals  to graze,  have
>established  several  buildings,  a museum,  a  pottery  factory,  a  well
>supplied  mechanizal  workshop  used  at this time for rebuilding  foreign
>sorts cars,  and  there are  several head of   white faced  herfords .
>This  is  a  starter  with  the  idea being  that  someone  needs  to  do
>some  specific  planning  toward  a  balanced  group  of  co-workers  so
>that  there is  a  way  to  "gradually"  let  ourselves
>transfer  from  todays  economy  to  something  more like what  Bruce  is
>trying to  outline.
>If  the  Running  On  Empty  discussion  group  can  get  into  practical
>thinking,  as  Linda  Graves  leads,   then  there MIGHT  be  time  to  use
>the  coming  120 years  to get  orchards,  berry plantings,  water
>systems  and  produce at a raod side stand  in  some kind of  operation.
>This is a tourist  destination  and  has all of the
>amenities  needed  for  a variety of  skilled craft
>workers,  and  this  could be  the first of several
>groups  to  be  able  to  develop  a  wider  exchange  than  if  just  in
>one  location  too far away from  others.
>   Will be  glad  to  have your  thinking  on  this specific area.
>best wishes,
>muriel  schmidt.

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