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Anyone interested in receiving more information, and/or registration materials, should contact me directly at  jcolby@gmied.org


Jenn Colby

From Your Community to a Green Community
A Two Day Workshop on becoming a Green Community
March 15-16, 2001, Shepherdstown, WV

Join experienced community practitioners and municipal officials wishing to build stronger, healthier, economically vibrant “Green Communities”. The Green Community Toolkit was designed by the US Environmental Protection Agency to help communities foster their human, civic, and natural resources in such a way as to build economic progress while enhancing environmental quality. Locales around the country are taking on the challenge to reshape themselves. For two days, we will bring some of them together to present, discuss and advise how to take steps toward a more sustainable future.

During this workshop, several individuals with experience working directly in the community will help you better understand the Green Communities approach and its value for your neighborhood, city or region. The Green Communities Toolkit helps community members determine the answers to fundamental questions about the condition of a community and its future, such as:

Progress in communities is harder than simply discovering answers to questions and our experts will provide the stories of how the assessment process has led to action. The focus of this year’s workshop will be linking economic development and environmental protection, key aspects of Green Communities. Understanding local economic drivers and building economic opportunities through sustainable practices ensures the viability of local resources, and promotes long-term economic prosperity. Examples of development opportunities include local investments in energy efficient design and construction and the use of local natural resources to build local employment and ensure the stewardship of those resources.

This workshop is not an opportunity to sit back and simply absorb the stories of others that have had some success. We are looking for municipal officials and community members who are interested (and may already be active) in making a difference in their communities. Participants will:

If this looks like an opportunity for you, please give us a call.

Jennifer Colby, Green Mountain Institute
for Environmental Democracy
(802) 229-6078  -- jcolby@gmied.org

Susan McDowell, US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 3
(215) 814-2739  -- mcdowell.susan@epa.gov

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