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SG-W:/ Response from County re wetlands

Beverly Barton from Washtenaw County sent this email to the list regarding
the problem Kevin Gusler is having with his neighbor filling in the

In response to Mr. Gusler's message I would like to comment on the

I am Beverly Barton, Washtenaw County Soil Erosion Program Supervisor.
We are aware of the situation that Mr. Gusler has mentioned in his
letter below and I would like to say, have been assisting him with
information gathering regarding the situation.  We are working with
the DEQ and they have assured Washtenaw County (and hopefully Mr.
Gusler) that they will be working with the owners of the property to
the situation.

I think some of Mr. Gusler's frustration stems around the different
Public Acts that we are limited to enforce.  DEQ in this situation, is
Part 303 of Public Act 451, Wetlands Protection and the Washtenaw County
Soil Erosion Program enforces Part 91 of Public Act 451.  I can assure
you that each of our agencies do our best to assist each other to
enforce what we are given authority to enforce.   In addition, we have a
committed group of employees that not only look to protect our
environment, but strive
to assist customers every day.  While Mr. Gusler is in the middle of this
situation and understandably wants a solution, I believe in the quality
of the mandates and the level of service of both of our agencies and
hope you will too.

If anyone would like to talk to me, please email me or call me at
734.971.1441.2003.  Beverly Barton

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