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SG-W:/ Sustainability plan

     To All,
     So far I have not seen anywhere an action plan for achieving  a way of life which would lessen the impact of running out of energy. I tried to do this on my web page but it went largely unread. Most of what I have read from others is just an obscure set of ideas which most people will not understand and will cause no positive action. Pretend for the moment that George Bush would listen to you. What would you tell him? I really feel that the Planned Community is the only way that a limited set of people could show others what must be done. It could turn into a grand research project in manufactureable devices to save energy. My action plan needs a lot of improvement but I would like to see it circulated far and wide. The Plan in the attachment was designed to fit on one page. Please review.
                                Kermit Schlansker  PE