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SG-W:/ Re: Sustainability plan

Dear Wes,
       Thanks for taking the trouble to answer my message. You must be sensitive to the word social worker because I only mentioned it once. In China, where they use only 10% of our per capita energy consumption I have heard the number that 70% of the population engage in farming. In any energy short society almost all must engage in either farming or manufacturing of essential goods. We can not import stuff if there is no oil for the ships or if we have nothing to trade with. Farming will need to grow a large part of the energy we consume.
       As far as the population question is concerned we are not helping other countries while we are rich so there is little likelihood that we can help other countries if we are poverty stricken. It is my belief that we can help the rest of the world by example. We must use experimental installations to show the rest of the world how to live on less. If we let too many immigrants in here, then there will be such turmoil that nothing can be done. Most of the people interested in Sustainability are saying that the Earth simply can not support 6 billion people for long and that population will come down by starvation, war, and disease. I am just trying to lessen the catastrophe.
         I intend to follow your advice as far as I can and will assemble some new material. As an individual I do not know how to get into the school system. Certainly I would like to teach some University or high school courses on energy and sustainability. I am thinking of passing out leaflets to students. However this threat is going to kill your grandchildren and mine unless something very drastic is done. Therefore any workable plan will have to be very unpopular. I need help in promoting useful solutions. A planned community is one way that a small group can show an example.
           In the attachment there is material which attempts to show the severity of the future.
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From: Weston Vivian <viva-wes@mediaone.net>
To: Kermit Schlansker <kssustain@provide.net>
Date: Sunday, February 25, 2001 2:27 PM
Subject: Re: Sustainability plan

You are not going to attract any significant cooperation until you convince many young people that prospective energy shortage is credible.  Few people young or old either comprehend that, or are willing even to listen to such annoying forecast with attendent dire consequences.  Focus on forecast!!! 
Suggest you prepare "teaching pack" for Ann Arbor science teachers, get a few to adopt it, carefully seek and listen to teachers' and students' reactions, then rewrite, try again, eventually try to distribute further. 
While in the most of your manifesto you propose actions relating to energy use or conversion, you start by advocating zero immigration (implying you are not concerned that the six billion people outside our 'stockade' may suffer more than those of us inside), and you end by damning social workers and pressing to use convicts.  These three  proposals will alienate many of the persons who otherwise could become your most dedicated allies.  Suggest you adopt and start with concern for all, enlist social workers, not mention prisoners. 
Wes Vivian
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From: Kermit Schlansker
To: energyresources
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Sent: Saturday, 2001 February 24 8:35 AM
Subject: Sustainability plan

     To All,
     So far I have not seen anywhere an action plan for achieving  a way of life which would lessen the impact of running out of energy. I tried to do this on my web page but it went largely unread. Most of what I have read from others is just an obscure set of ideas which most people will not understand and will cause no positive action. Pretend for the moment that George Bush would listen to you. What would you tell him? I really feel that the Planned Community is the only way that a limited set of people could show others what must be done. It could turn into a grand research project in manufactureable devices to save energy. My action plan needs a lot of improvement but I would like to see it circulated far and wide. The Plan in the attachment was designed to fit on one page. Please review.
                                Kermit Schlansker  PE