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Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Fund

The Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network and Fund  is announcing the
spring funding cycle of the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Fund.  Small
grants are available
for grassroots advocacy projects that will protect aquatic habitats in
the Great Lakes Basin.  Eligible individuals and organizations working
to protect and/or restore Great Lakes, shorelines, inland lakes, rivers,
wetlands, and other aquatic habitats may receive grants of $500 -$3500
to support their efforts.

 The full grant application with guidelines is available on the web
at http://www.glhabitat.org.  The deadline is MARCH 31, 2001.  Potential

applicants are encouraged to contact their state hub representatives for
assistance with developing proposals, or to receive an application (go
to http://www.glhabitat.org/Advisory.html for a list of hub contacts) .

        In addition to the above Grants Program, grants of up to $500
are available to fund urgent projects or those that present a special
opportunity.  The purpose, eligibility, priorities, and criteria are the
same as the main Grants Program, but this Special Opportunity Grants
Program processes requests in a slightly different manner to ensure
quick turn-around.  The Grants are disbursed on a first come, first
serve basis.

For more information, contact your state hub or call Jill Ryan at

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