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SG-W:/ Re: [energyresources] Re: [RunningOnEmpty] Addresses --Help!

         Ken you did not understand my statement. Many people have stated
the end of oil and population dieoff argument. I agree  with this viewpoint
but feel that if we could change society and do the proper technical things
then we could have some happiness for 200 years. It might take martial law
to do it but unquestionably there are many tactics that could be carried
out. Limited nuclear, coal, solar, wind, and biomass are all important.
However the restructuring of housing to increase clumping will be the
largest single factor. No building should have less than 16 people in it. In
cities there should be a factory building, a school, and a general store per
square mile. There would be lots of nature and hunting for food.
          I have a poorly done plan on my web site
>http://www.provide.net/~kssustain/<  but  at least I tried. Very few read
it. Ted Trainer of Australia and Uwe Gunther of Sweden have voiced similar
ideas. I have seen no website here that tries to integrate housing, farming,
energy research, and manufacturing as I have outlined. The Planned
Community, starting with a multi-purpose planned building is the only way to
bring various ideas to a focus. Energy, farming, and manufacturing must be
mostly decentralized in order to reduce shipping costs, commuting,  and to
reinforce the use of waste heat for heating. As an Engineer I am very
interested in the design of the energy devices that would power and heat the
building. My system would use a mirrors more than solar cells.
       We need many engineers and applied scientists working in a practical
inventive mode on many ideas. All this business about the emergy of solar
cells goes nowhere because mirror- boilers are probably a better way. Please
some talk about the costs of mirrors.
       If Bush would ask our advice tomorrow on what to do about energy,
energyresources and ROE would not be able to give coherent answers. The
confusion makes group action impossible.
        I need material to circulate. I have passed the convince sheet many
times but I feel that it is too complicated for the average person. What I
am thinking of is one sheet, with a graph of oil and a graph of gas at top
with text underneath. The graphs would start with 2000 and show the most
optimistic and most pessimistic production forecasts. The text could
disparage the optimists. I believe that all graphs will end up at about the
same point of absolute desperation in 2040. (Will my grandchildren live to
2070 or can they have children?) If we find more oil we will just use it
faster  and burn up the planet. Does anyone have any ideas or material? I
intend to read the article by Campbell. I wish someone would put it on the
net with permission to shorten it so we could pass it on.

                                      Kermit Schlansker
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>Kermit,   A really powerful article on the depletion of world oil reserves:
>How Long Will the World's Oil Supplies Last?" in the "USA Today Magazine
>(November 2000) by Dr. Colin Campbell - I think this is one of the best
>articles he has written.  A more conservation report "Geopolitics of
>Energy" is available from the Center for Strategic and International
>Studies, 1800 K. St. N,W., Washington, D.C. 20006
>Phone:  (202) 887-0200      ($69 - Two Volumes, 10 page "Executive
>Summary" is available.  3 year study lead by James Schleisenger and
>rettired Senator Sam Num).
>       I think that everyone agreees that we are going to be facing
>shortages of petroleum in the first quarter of the 21st Century.  The
>seems to be over exactly when these shortages will occur.
>Ken Holder   (Ken was a student of the last R. Buckminstter Fullerand
>currently  works with Walter Youngquist.)

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