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Re: SG-W:/ Sustainability plan

Title: Re: SG-W:/ Sustainability plan
Dear Peggy,
        We are talking about the same sort of thing but are coming from different directions. You are more concerned about the spiritual and social, but I am more concerned about Sustainability. It is the belief of a lot of intelligent people that by 2040 and perhaps before, shortages of gas and oil will cause desperation in the US. If things keep going as now, they will be right. If people start reacting then there is a partial solution. My belief in the planned community comes not from social concerns but from simple geometry. That is, larger buildings use less fuel for heating. Clustering of buildings so that both farm, school, and factory are within walking distance saves personal transportation.
          There is probably a wide difference between your interests and mine, yet there are a lot of similar needs. For example I am sure that you include intensive gardening in your model and so do I. We probably both would be interested in greenhouses, and use of sewage for fertilizer. Beyond that are the common necessities of having fuel, water, electricity, a set of rules, and staying warm, Then the most common of all interests is the necessity of raising the cash and public support to make it happen. Land is expensive!
          At the present time, as a single unit, I see this as a research platform with a possible project for everyone. It would be difficult to do a good job with off the shelf hardware. We need University support if possible.
          People with different interests can work together to buy land and build a building. Unless we learn to hang together our babies will starve separately. Your view of things may attract more people than mine. Good luck and if you attract a group let me know.
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From: Peggy Garrigues-Cortelyou <pgarrigues@voyager.net>
To: Kermit Schlansker <kssustain@provide.net>
Date: Monday, February 26, 2001 8:32 AM
Subject: Re: SG-W:/ Sustainability plan


Thanks for your ideas. I am working in Manchester area to create a network of people within an existing community to create changes to move us toward sustainability. I am trying to work with the passions and attractions of the people here to create whatever we can that will move us in the right direction. I would love to create some type of eco-village/eco-community that would include farming and manufacturing and natural areas and services along with residential and schools.

You have a strong passion to share your ideas. I wish you well in finding effective channels to share them. My passion is to help people -- individuals, organizations, communities to connect their thinking into how nature thinks.

Nature keeps in balance through at least 53 attraction senses, and I am working to help people reconnect their senses with nature's ecosystems in order to develop sustainable systems in that way. (I teach Natural Systems Thinking Process as developed by Michael Cohen of Project NatureConnect. www.ecopsych.com) We may end up coming up with ideas similar to what you suggest, but integrated within the natural and human systems here. By reconnecting all of our senses, including our rational thinking, to nature's systems, I hope we can become more and more integrated with nature's life-affirming and sustainable ways.

Peggy Garrigues-Cortelyou