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SG-W:/ Re: [energyresources] Energy futures

      For me one of the important occupations of this group would be to
assemble simple, easy to understand data and arguments which could be
presented to the public. There is a strong possibility that I will be giving
a 20 minute speech to senior citizens. The title will be "The end of Oil and
the next Generation". I am starting to assemble materials  I may give out
the convince sheet (in attachment} but am looking for additional or simpler
materials. Many people will not get through the convince sheet. One of the
hardest tasks in doing this is to reconcile the USGS info with our experts
or even to define the difference. I am studying Jean Laherrere's "Is USGS
2000 Assessment Reliable" now and can use the statement that only 10 GB/a is
being discovered and some of the derogatory remarks at the end. I also have
material from Rich Duncan,  Holmquists book , End of cheap oil, Dieoff.com,
and Ivanhoe's curve in Popular Science which is one of the easiest to use.
          One big problem is that I do not completely understand the
material myself and certainly can not expect lay people to understand it. It
needs to be laid out in simple repeatable terms. I am an inventive engineer,
not an oil expert.
          My interests are in spreading the word and in finding solutions.
In my opinion energy must come from many sources but conservation is more
important than any one source. The apartment house is the most important
energy machine because they are the key to eliminating cars, saving land,
saving heat, cogeneration, organized group effort, and comanufacturing. I
want to work on cogeneration, comanufacturing, wood gasification, a monster
tree planting program, biogas, water recycling, solar mirrors, windmills
that pump, and efficient engines.
          I intend to assemble an energy fact sheet to pass out. If anyone
has ideas or material please pass it on in simple form.
          Please focus and stay on the subject which I hope is
Sustainability, not killing.

                                                 Kermit Schlansker

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Date: Thursday, March 08, 2001 8:33 AM
Subject: [energyresources] Energy futures

>Isn't there a quote somewhere that says when trying to navigate
>in times of uncertainty, slow down, ask--and get answered--the
>best possible questions, test assumptions, and act accordingly?
>There is at least a quarter-century history of Energy Returned on
>Energy Invested studies on nuclear power and our other options.
>And yet today, we are still uncertain of the EROEI of this and
>many other technologies.
>Isn't there a message somewhere here?
>Shouldn't someone or a bunch of folks be doing something about
>There are, for example, around 400 folks attending this List.
>This demonstrates itself to be a rather substantial intellectual
>What would it take for us to rectify this great omission in
>modern society, and make it so we and the public can have a
>better handle on our energy options?
>Open for comments and suggestions on how something can be done about this
sad commentary on human intelligence (perhaps involving the great talent of
the EnergyResources List.)
>EnergyResources Moderator Tom Robertson
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