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SG-W:/ Friends of Pickerel Lake Update




    Friends of Pickerel Lake is a group of well over 100 concerned citizens
 formed last fall in response to DNR plans to grade and gravel the parking
lot and install a gravel boat launch at Pickerel Lake.  We are concerned
that these changes will attract more and larger gas powered boats and
perhaps jetskis to the lake, thereby increasing pollution, disturbing
wildlife, and destroying the peaceful and natural qualities that have been
enjoyed by various groups of users for many years.

    FPL has been in contact with the DNR regarding these changes, and we
have asked for a public hearing so as to have input into the planning process.
We are also formulating some alternatives to the DNR's plans.  Recently, we
received information about the proposed, but not final, DNR plan which is outlined below.

    To find out more, visit our website at: friendsofpickerellake.org.

    We welcome input from those concerned about the future well-being of Pickerel Lake,
especially people in the Dexter/Pinkney areas.

     In mid-February, a DNR management team selected a design for Pickerel Lake
which includes changes to the access road from Hankerd Road, the parking area,
and the entire waterfront area.
 The most important features of the design preferred by the management team are:

Grading and gravelling of parking area; removal of 2 trees

6 double-length parking spaces to accommodate boat trailers (1 for handicapped users)

4 regular parking spaces

A 6" layer of fast binding limestone gravel and limestone dust in the parking area
and all the way down to the lake shore (no more sand!).

    The final plan will be presented at the next Parks and Recreation Division's monthly
management meeting, probably around the middle of March.  As a result, the public hearing
will be delayed once again and is not likely to take place until the second half of April at
the earliest.