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SG-W:/ rooftop garden seminar

>April 6, 2001
>Public Notice
>Rooftop Garden Guru Coming to Windsor
>Steven Peck, Executive Director of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, a
>Toronto-based coalition, is coming to Windsor.
>Green roofs are a remarkable new approach to city infrastructure. They can
>create jobs, reduce operational costs, and provide new sources of amenity
>and recreational space. Green roofs also simultaneously address pressing
>urban environmental issues such as smog, climate change, stormwater
>management and energy conservation. The widespread adoption of green roofs
>will allow communities to enjoy the significant social, economic and
>environmental benefits of a healthy city.
>“This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about an initiative that is
>still in its infancy in Canada,” commented Shawn Hupka, president of the
>Citizens Environment Alliance.
>Join us in the Oak Room of the University of Windsor’s Vanier Hall at
>7:00pm on Wednesday, April 18, 2001.  Vanier Hall is near the corner of
>Wyandotte Street West and Huron Church Road, one block from the Ambassador
>Everyone is welcome.
>This event is being hosted by the Citizens Environment Alliance and is a
>project of the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup Committee.
>Citizens Environment Alliance of southwestern Ontario and southeast Michigan
>P.O. Box 548, Windsor, Ontario,  N9A 6M6, Canada
>phone: (519) 973-1116 -- fax: (519) 973-8360

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