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From: Dana M. Cunningham <cunningd@hotmail.com>
To: kssustain@provide.net <kssustain@provide.net>
Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 1:05 PM

>Thank you for the energy fact sheet.
>What is the source for the information?
>Dana Cunningham

     Since others may be interested also I will put this on the net. Most of
the numbers came from the 2000 World Almanac. There US energy is given. Also
energy for various countries is given and in another section population for
various countries was given. From that it is easy to calculate per capita
consumption. The 2500 billion barrels of oil and 1800 trillion cuft of gas
came from newspaper articles. The 1000 billions of barrels of oil is about
what Campbell, Laherrere, and other  experts have been saying. The fact that
most of the oil will come from Arab countries has came from several sources.
The calculation that it would take more than 1200 new nuclear plants to
satisfy present consumption (about 100 are in use in the US now) was
calculated from data in the almanac. I use a conversion factor of 10,000
btus=1kwhr. We can get into endless arguments about that one but it is as
good as any other. Some of this information has also been gleaned from
energyresources and RunningOnEmpty.
         Does anyone have any data as to what the life of a nuclear power
plant is, how much fuel there is,  how much of it is in the US, and how many
strategic materials like stainless steel are needed to make them? Does a
nuclear plant radiate stainless steel (or other things) so that it can never
be recycled?

                                   Kermit Schlansker

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