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SG-W:/ DEQ public hearing - Pittsfield

Hi everyone - just a reminder to the Pittsfield folks - we have a public 
hearing scheduled for April 17, Tuesday, here at Pittsfield Twp. Hall, 6201 
W. Michigan Ave, 7 pm. (Sorry about the conflict with Sierra Club - the 
speaker sounds great!)

The DEQ will take comments and concerns re: Pittsfield Glen proposed 
subdivision, near the Northwest corner of Platt and Textile Roads. The 
developer wants a DEQ permit to fill a portion of wetland to build a road. 
Concerns are whether this already flooded area can take more development 
pressure, and whether there isn't a more "prudent and feasible alternative" 
which is the DEQ standard. You can't miss the sight if you drive by - It's 
where the water comes up over Textile road. Don't pull off on the shoulder 
to take pictures - I can tell you from experience that you'll get stuck! 
Stay in the center of the road!

I also have grave concerns as to whether the wetlands were delineated 
correctly, but as we all know, "just because it's wet doesn't mean it's a 
wetland." Please come, and if you can't make it, contact me and I'll give 
you info to send written comments if you'd like. Christina Lirones. 
944-1637, Clerk's Office, Pittsfield.
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