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SG-W:/ mobile homes in A2 township?

I spotted this notice in the public notice for the A2 Township PC:

i. Petition for Zoning Amendment filed by Colt Farms Incorporated
(ZC-1-01) for rezoning of the property from A-1 and R-2 to R-3 and R-6 for
parcels 09-06-400-003, 
09-06-100-001, 09-05-200-003, 09-05-300-003 and 09-05-300-001 located
south of Joy Road, along Whitmore Lake Road and north of Stein Road
totaling approximately 362.99 acres more or less.
ii. Set Public Hearing

available here:

The information that I have is that these zoning districts are for MH
parks and high density residential.  I believe that area is a portion of
the Township that is still largely AG zoning.

Does anyone have any info. on this proposal?

Andrew Mutch

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