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Re: SG-W:/ mobile homes in A2 township?


Thanks for the info.  I guess that's really disappointing to hear of the
plans for the property.  Also, I would hope that if anyone would
understand the impact of such a proposal it would be one of the Township
officials.  I can understand that they would want to get "value" out of
their land but that sure doesn't leave much of a legacy for the community.  

On a very relevant note, I would strongly encourage anyone involved with
community planning in any way to read the article on "exclusionary" zoning
by Mark Wycoff in the latest issue of Planning and Zoning Center News.
In his article, Mark topples some of those "legal" strawmen that are often
used to force communities to acceot mobile home parks and other land
uses, even when the location is clearly inappropriate for the use.  He
points out that uses, like Mobile Home parks, can be legally exluded when
the site is clearly inappropriate for the use.  There are some related
articles dealing with the legal issues related to zoning and Mobile Home
parks in the same issue.

I think the planning and legal arguements against the A2 Township proposal
are quite strong.  It is contrary to the Township Master Plan, it is in an
area currently zoned and used for Agricultural operations, it is unserved
by water and sewer, the existing roads are inadequate for the potential
traffic and the Township does not have police or fire services that woudl
be in close proximity to the proposed use.  If you can't win on those
points then there's no case that could win.

Andrew Mutch


On Mon, 23 Apr 2001 BLonik13@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 4/23/2001 10:04:19 AM EST, amutch@waterford.lib.mi.us 
> writes:
> << Does anyone have any info. on this proposal? >>
> I know a little bit.  It's land owned by Charles & Catherine Braun, the 
> latter being township clerk, and Edward Pardon.  Some of it I believe is 
> adjacent to the land recently protected by WPLT through an easement purchase 
> from Charles' brother David.  It's an enormous agricultural property, very 
> scenic, productive land at the northern entrance to Ann Arbor.  It's a bad 
> proposal and will hopefully be defeated, although a lengthy and expensive 
> lawsuit is likely.  The township has done its planning and does have other 
> land designated for MHP.
> Barry Lonik

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