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Re: SG-W:/ county commissioners

My initial reaction would be different than Barry's.  Reducing the number of 
commissioners means that the territory they represent will become larger.  A 
larger area means that those running for office will have to raise and spend 
more money to get elected--making it less feasible for grassroots-type people 
to run for office.  If you look at the various elected offices, I think that 
this is true, in general.  The larger the geographical territory of the 
office, the more enmeshed the candidates are to the monied political 

The other primary consideration is the actual number of decision makers.  For 
a deliberative body such as a County Commission, I do not feel that 15 is a 
large number.  If you reduce it to, say, 7 or 9...that means that four or 
five people could run the show.

Jack Smiley

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