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Re: SG-W:/ county commissioners

That is certainly interesting if most Washtenaw County Commission candidates 
spend under $1,000.  I remember that I spent over $3,000 to run for Wayne 
County Commissioner 20 years ago--and that was a very bare-bones campaign 
(granted, Wayne County does have a higher voter population per district).  
Most political campaigns that I am aware of are exceedingly more expensive.

Still, the actual number of people to serve on a legislative body is open to 
philosophical debate--but I prefer more encompassing Boards.  I wouldn't want 
to run even our Conservancy's Board with only 7 Board members.  From a very 
practical standpoint, a greater number of people tends to bring greater 
skills and interests (and, hopefully, dissent) to the table.

Jack Smiley

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