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SG-W:/ Re: [energyresources] Scientists for SEF - living on another planet ??

     I am puzzled by this post because there is no URL and I don't know what
SEF means. However to a climatologist, finding more oil would be worst case
because of Global Warming. Both the EIA and USGS have made much more
optimistic predictions than our pessimist group of oil experts and a
climatologist would use their data in predicting worst case. I believe
myself in the morality of pessimism because that viewpoint would encourage
action. We need to be spending about $500 billion/yr on apartments and
alternate energy. We have to fear too much energy as well as too little. The
only ultimate answer is extreme conservation. You can't do this alone. We
need to start forming cooperatives and set up Sustainable Communities..

                               Kermit Schlansker
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Subject: [energyresources] Scientists for SEF - living on another planet ??

>How can the scientists for SEF make the following claim:
>"... By then [2020] world oil production will be in the range of 100
>million barrels per day. "
>I thought the Hubbert fall-off should have kicked in well before
>then ? Isn't their figure of 100 mbd greater than what is extracted
>today (by hypothesis, "at peak") ?
>What's going on here ?
>Somebody is just plain WRONG -
>either Hubbert/Youngquist/Campbell/Laherre or else the Scientists for
>SEF. They cannot both be correct, and they hardly seem to be living
>on the same planet.
>-Scott Meredith

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