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SG-W:/ Fw: Friends of Pickerel Lake Update 17 Response to DNR's letter



In response to their July 9 letter (posted in last update) we have sent the
DNR the letter below asking them to accept a one year moratorium.  Our
positions are so far apart that time is needed to reach what the DNR calls
a "mutually acceptable plan" in their July 9 response.  In the meantime, we
are investigating all of the issues raised by the DNR in their July 9
letter to us.

We will keep you posted on the DNR response to our request.

Response to DNR:

Friends of Pickerel Lake
Washtenaw County

July 13, 2001

Rodney A. Stokes, Chief
Parks and Recreation Bureau
Department of Natural Resources
Stevens T. Mason Building
PO Box 30028
Lansing, MI  48909-7528

Dear Mr. Stokes,

The core group of the Friends of Pickerel Lake has received your letter of
July 9.  We have forwarded it to our ever-increasing membership, the press,
Senator Alma Wheeler Smith, Dexter Township Supervisor Bob Tetens, Rep.
John Hansen, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group, the Michigan Environmental
Council, the Ecology Center, the Audubon Society, and other interested
parties and NGOs.

Your response to our proposal does not satisfy our primary goals for
Pickerel Lake.

Our positions are so far apart that in order to reach a mutually acceptable
plan, we believe the moratorium is necessary.  We formally request you to
accept the Dexter Township Resolution, unanimously approved at the March
20, 2001 Dexter Township Board meeting, for a one (1) year moratorium on
development, which will allow full consideration of the six points
enumerated in the resolution.  A copy of the resolution (Dexter Twp.
Resolution # 01-004), which was presented to you at our June 4 meeting, is

Please send a written response to the request for a moratorium to the
Friends of Pickerel Lake, c/o Linda Berauer, 421 Third Street, Ann Arbor,
MI, 48103, and to Bob Tetens, Dexter Township Supervisor, 6880 Dexter
Pinckney Rd., Dexter Township, 48130.  Please cc our elected
representatives, Senator Alma Wheeler Smith and Rep. John Hansen, on your

As we stated at our June 4 meeting, there is a large group of citizens
ready and waiting to support the DNR in devising a plan that protects one
of the few relatively pristine lakes in southeastern Michigan and takes
into account the principle of balanced, multiple use throughout the county,
rather than the current bias towards motorized use.  You are aware of the
strong support from local conservation groups, Dexter Township, and Senator
Alma Wheeler Smith, for the PRB to move in this direction.  This is a
unique opportunity for the MDNR Parks and Recreation Bureau to engage in a
ground-breaking process of dialogue and local citizen participation in PRB
decisions that affect them.

We applaud your stated intent to "be working to reach a mutually acceptable
plan for the improvements at this site."  This will take time.  Many of the
issues involved are complex, such as our differing interpretations of the
mandates as defined in the Wilderness and Natural Areas Act; the actual
criteria for administrative designation as a Natural Area; the authority of
the MDNR vs. that of the local unit of government; the funding history for
purchase and interventions at the lake and the legitimate extent to which
it dictates future use; and the requirements of the ADA.

We look forward to working with you to reach a correct understanding of
these issues and to reach -- as you propose in your letter -- a mutually
acceptable plan.  Your written response to the Dexter Township resolution
in support of the one-year moratorium is requested by July 31.


Linda Berauer
for the Core Group, FPL
Friends of Pickerel Lake
421 Third Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 769-9932

cc:   Senator Alma Wheeler Smith
        Bob Tetens, Dexter Township Supervisor
        Rep. John Hansen
        Friends of Pickerel Lake E-Mail List
        Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group
        Michigan Environmental Council
        Audubon Society
        Ecology Center, c/o Liz Brater
        Potawatomi Land Trust, c/o Barry Lonik
        Christopher M. Bzdok, Esq.


Recent coverage on the Pickerel Lake situation has appeared in the
following papers:


COMMUNITY OBSERVER, Summer 2001 issue
(a quarterly published by the AA Observer,covering Chelsea, Dexter,
Manchester & Saline)

(see text of July 19 article at

Thank you to all Pickerelites who sent letters to Ann Arbor News asking
them to print something on Pickerel Lake.

We encourage you to send letters to the editors of any of these newspapers.
Letters to the AA NEWS countering some of the the inaccuracies in the July
16 article would be particularly helpful. Issues to correct/clarify
include:  FPL includes fisherpeople and boaters; we are not advocating no
access for boats, only boats that are too big to be hand-carried down;
expose the low return on repeated attempts to stock trout; any other points
you want to make.