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Re: SG-W:/ Fw: Friends of Pickerel Lake Update 16 Letter from the DNR

>Are any lakes in the area or State *not* funded by marine fuel revenues?
>Is there any model of alternative funding to look at?  A lot of the
>argument of the DNR seems to hinge on that-- as if it were something
>immutable.  If an area is valued as worth preserving one would think it
>could be given some other source of funding.
>I. Nagler

Likewise, are there any other lakes in Washtenaw County/SE Michigan 
besides PL that will qualify as "Natural Areas" (no automobiles, boats, 
and bicycles) under the new designation? Stokes makes it sound like there 
are. Might be worth looking into. The fewer possibilities, the better the 
case for PL.


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