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SG-W:/ Tax Rebate Pledge (fwd)

I was sent this information regarding a website on which you can pledge to
donate all or part of your tax rebate to some organization of your choice
that has been/is likely to be deprived by Bush's policies-- and they pass
on the information on how many have pledged (private info is


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Date: Sun, 29 Jul 01 15:21:08 -0400
From: jwhaley <jwhaley@kzoo.edu>

Your mother said you wanted the Web site where one could pledge one's tax
rebate for purposes that won't be covered in the budget either because of
Bush policies or because of lack of tax money.  The address is

Raelyn Joyce spoke this morning about wanting to make some sort of
noticeable joint action.  Whether we can pull that sort of thing off
during the summer I don't know.

Judy Whaley

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