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Re: SG-W:/ Fwd: E-M:/ Meet for mass transit in S.E. Michigan

I passed this message along from Bob Duda of Southeast Michigan Sierra Club.
Corridor means the area along the major highways, e.g., I-94, US23, M14. I
believe they are looking for input on transit needed as an alternative to
single occupancy automobiles along these routes.  The Washtenaw ISD means
Washtenaw Intermediate School District Teaching and Learning Center, 1819
S. Wagner Road (about one-fourth mile north of Scio Church Rd).

>Liz Brater wrote:
>>      Please pass the word about a SEMCOG meeting coming up soon. It's
>>about mass/rapid transit. Please attend a meeting in your neighborhood
>>and voice your opinion in favor of mass transit. We want as many
>>"corridors" as possible including along I96, I94, I75, I96, and I696.
>>      Wastenaw Co., 8/29, Washtenaw ISD, Ann Arbor, 3-4:30 PM
>Could you, or someone, explain what's meant by "corridor" and identify
>what "ISD" is? If this is what I think it is, I wouldn't mind attending.
>Ron Torrella
>Vice President
>Arbor Ridge Condominium Association
>Pittsfield Twp
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Liz Brater
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