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SG-W:/ Off topic: Seeking donations/funds for Bat House project

Smart growth, to me, includes doing things to help wildlife to prosper.
In that vein, I've embarked on a project to provide the local bat
population with housing because so much of their habitat is being
destroyed by development. I've already erected several bat houses in my
neighborhood and I've have been asked by one of the directors of
Matthaei Botanical Gardens to place a structure for bat houses on the
grounds of the Gardens. I'll maintain them and we hope, after attracting
bats to the houses, to do a survey of which species are in the area.
(With any luck, we'll find the endangered Indiana bat among them.)

I have several other possible sites in mind and am willing to entertain
requests for those who would be interested in hosting our chiropteran

Right now, I'm looking for sponsorships/donations/volunteers to assist
me in this venture. I'm working as a "research associate" with Bat
Conservation International, down in Austin, Texas. In the meanwhile, if
anyone has information on funds, grants, or likely
donors/sponsors/volunteers, I would appreciate the information. Please
email the information to me, privately, at <rontorrella@yahoo.com>.

For more information on bat house research and/or bats, in general,
check out BCI's website at <www.batcon.org>.

Thank you!

Ron Torrella
Pittsfield Twp, MI

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