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SG-W:/ Transportation Issues

For those of you that missed it - SEMCOG and the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce & others have raised the question one more time - Can we fix the problems with transportation?   This is one more of many attempts over the years, some of which they document in their 100 page draft plan.   Can we do it this time? 
Transportation or the manner in which we provide mobility and access is:
A transportation system is comprised of roadways, greenways, public & private vehicles & services.  It impacts every aspect of our lives.  How we plan for & provide mobility speaks to our citizenship & stewardship. 
I am hoping that this current initiative to fix the "problem" is a catalyst for a state-wide coming together of people who care about our environment, conservation of natural resources and equity for all Michigan residents.  Our past history demonstrates that this is the only way an appropriate & lasting solution can be actualized. 
It's time for a new approach to mobility as well as a new approach to the leadership & management of transportation in Michigan.  The creativity & determination of the grassroots can make it happen.
As Albert Einstein once said . . .  (and I paraphrase)
In order to solve today's problems we need to think differently than we did when we created them.
Ann Harris