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SG-W:/ Last call to email on Pickerel Lake


Pickerel Lake is one of the few public lakes in Washtenaw County that is
still a relatively undisturbed natural area.  This tranquil 23 acre
lake is a great place for swimming, canoeing, picknicing - and for
sandhill cranes, great blue herons, and wood ducks.

The DNR wants to "improve" it so that powerboats and jetskis have yet
another playground.  On a tiny lake like this, it won't take too many
of these pollution-spewing vehicles before Pickerel is just another of
the dozens of lakes that have been made unsuitable for nature or quiet

Over 200 people came out to a public meeting a few weeks ago to oppose
this plan, but there is no sign that the DNR is bending yet.  Sending an
amail during the comment period (ending Tuesday 8/28) may be the last
chance to show that a broad cross section of residents want to preserve a
few places where nature is the highest priority.  For your voice to be
heard, all it takes is a couple of minutes to email a few lines to the
people who hold Pickerel Lake's future in their hands.  Simple
instructions on how to comment by email are below.


Doug Cowherd
Co-chair, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group

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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 21:42:22 -0400
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[snip] You can meet the DNR comments deadline by sending your letters via
e-mail.  If the 8/28 deadline is not possible, still send your letters
soon after this date since they may be considered; Mr. Stokes said he
would have his final decision by Sept. 27.  Send to:

Mr. Rodney Stokes
Chief, MDNR Parks and Recreation Bureau
Stevens T. Mason Building
P.O. Box 30257
Lansing, MI  48909-7757
   e-mail:  stokesra@state.mi.us

         It would help immensely to copy your letter to:

Mr. K.L. Cool
Director, MDNR
P.O. Box 30028
Lansing, MI 48909-7757
   e-mail:  CoolKL@state.mi.us

Mr. Robert Tetens
Supervisor, Dexter Township
6880 Dexter-Pinckney Road
Dexter Township, MI  48130
   e-mail:  tetensr@co.washtenaw.mi.us

Senator Alma Wheeler Smith
510 Farnum Building
Lansing, MI  48909-7536
   e-mail:  SenASmith@senate.state.mi.us

Rep. John Hansen
0986 House Office Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI  48909-7514
   e-mail:  jphansen@house.state.mi.us


Letters to the editor

We strongly urge you to write the editors of The Ann Arbor News, The
Dexter Leader, The Chelsea Standard, and the Lansing State Journal.
Please let them know what you think!  These public letters are
important during this decision-making stage.  Write to:

Letters, The Ann Arbor News
P.O. Box 1147
Ann Arbor, MI  48106

Letters to the Editor
The Chelsea Standard/The Dexter Leader
20750 Old US 12
Chelsea, MI  48118

Mark Nixon
Editorial Page Editor
Lansing State Journal
120 E. Lenawee
Lansing, MI  48933


Thank you to all who have contributed money to fight the MDNR.  We
have strengthened our effort by hiring an excellent environmental
attorney who has worked on cases similar to ours and who has been
successful against the MDNR.  The expense for this attorney is
considerable and we are asking for continued donations; any amount
is appreciated and adds up.  Please make check out to:
        Pam Sjo (not FPL since we're not set up as a non-profit;
        write "FPL treasurer" on the memo line).  Send to:

Pam Sjo
709 Miner
Ann Arbor, MI  48103


Very Urgent!!  We'd like to know how many of you are Dexter Township
residents as we gather support in that area.  Please e-mail Sally at:

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