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Re: SG-W:/ news items (fwd)

Christina's experience is a sobering reminder that emails -- especially through listserves -- are public, not private or privileged, communications.  All of us should be aware of this reality and consider its implications as we write and post messages to this list.
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Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 9:12 AM
Subject: Re: SG-W:/ news items (fwd)

Hi everyone! Hi Homebuilders Association ! Hi lawyers of Homebuilders!
This listserve has become a wonderful tool! Just last week I wrote an e mail about how I don't like Louis Johnson, but that I had voted at the Board to enforce an existing site plan not because I didn't like him, as indicated by a former planning commissioner, but because it was the best planning decision. I noted that it was going to make Louis a lot of money because it gave access to some wonderful amenities.
An now my e mail is part of the newest lawsuit! Wow, now that's service! Andrew Mutch's comments are part of the lawsuit too! It's all evidence that I don't like Louis Johnson (and I should clarify this statement, since it will soon be attached to a lawsuit, I suppose: I don't know him personally, so I don't dislike him personally. What I don't like is how unhappy the residents of his subdivisions are. I don't like spending hours every day trying to help folks who are grieving over things that have not been done correctly: grading, sidewalks, paths, etc. So I should not say that I don't like Louis Johnson; what I don't like is that he has SO FAR he has not fulfilled a number of site plan requirements. See? I'm giving every opportunity in the world to allow Louis Johnson to fulfill his site plan requirements! I'm not saying that he will never do it! I'm just saying that he hasn't done it SO FAR, which is why we had to send the letter, Louis. It's not because I don't like you personally!).
So get ready, folks! We've reached a new level! Not only are we supposed to enforce the site plans and ordinances fairly and even handedly, which we do, and get sued for that - Now we have to swear we LIKE every developer. If we don't LIKE them, they'll sue us until we LIKE them!
Come on folks. Think about what you say to a puppy when she chews up a slipper: It's not that I don't LIKE you, it's just that I don't LIKE what you did.
Good bye for today lawyers! Talk to you soon, I'm sure. I Love you, I like you, and I have very warm feelings for you, Christina Lirones

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