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Re: SG-W:/ Attachments

Good idea. Me too, I toss them - tho folks tell me the attachments are safe. No attachments is fine by me. Tina

>From: "Ron Torrella"
>To: "Smartgrowth-Washtenaw"
>Subject: SG-W:/ Attachments
>Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 14:21:00 -0400
>BlankIn light of the risk of spreading nasty viruses (mostly
>unintentionally), could we agree to not send attachments to the list so as
>not to expose others. I've gotten into the routine of just tossing anything
>with an attachment that didn't arrive without prior mention and I suspect
>I'm going to be missing some information by doing so. Perhaps sending
>attachments on request -- to specific email addresses, rather than the
>list -- would be a good idea.
>Just a suggestion, not a demand.
>Ron Torrella

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