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SG-W:/ Sylvan Township Friends

Title: Sylvan Township Friends

I've been studying Land Use Planning (LUP) since I retired three years ago and during my unsuccessful campaign for Sylvan Township Supervisor last fall, the value of a Township newsletter made more and more sense to me. I've been exploring various options for the last year and it now seems time to implement or abandon the project.


1.    Raise the knowledge level of Sylvan Twp. voters to the point where ballot
      proposals can be realistically understood and selected or rejected in a manner
      consistent with their vision.
2.    Provide an open forum in which alternative perspectives can be presented and
3.    Stimulate citizen involvement in Sylvan Township.
4.    Advocate programs that will provide Township landowners with the broadest
      possible range of options when considering land use changes.


1.    Recruit a group of Sylvan Township Friends that would guide and support the
      Newsletter and its goals.
2.    Partner with and existing nonprofit organization through which synergistic
      advantages could be explored.
3.    Obtain foundation funding for three years of printing and postage expenses.
3.    Suggest to local Colleges and Universities the potential for parallel
      research or educational projects in communications, public policy and land use

As Of Now

I've started to recruit a small group of Sylvan Township activists who have shown an interest in LUP and recruiting a slate of candidates for 2004. This is an ongoing process that I've only worked on it in a pretty casual manner. Consistent with that casual manner I would invite any one that's interested to contact me. Naturally we particularly need people with Newsletter production skills.

I've contacted the following groups about partnering:

League of Conservation Education Fund
Huron River Watershed Council
Sierra Club Huron Valley Group/Mackinac Chapter
Washtenaw Land Trust

Some of these groups may not realize that I've contacted them due to my casual manner and I invite other groups that may be interested to contact me. As always I'm also open to suggestions of other groups that I should contact.

I've produces a prototype of the Newsletter and have given copies to potential Friends and Partners. I hope to spend the next month or so exploring the above strategies. It would be great to have a Newsletter in the mail to 2,000 Sylvan Township registered voters in January.
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