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SG-W:/ AATA bus routes (Beware: venting)

Title: Torrella Systems Stationery
I'm getting pretty fed up with having to drive 3-6 miles to catch a bus to work every day. Can't even ride my bike for fear that some jerkimer on a caffeine buzz will try to do bumper boogie on my left pedal. Is there any hint that AATA is considering adding a route south of I-94 on Carpenter and/or Michigan Ave. between Hewitt and Carpenter? Two huge apartment complexes, a trailer park and two huge subdivisions -- and no bus service! What gives?? The demographics are certainly there.
I still can't believe some planners in Pittsfield didn't see a traffic problem a year or two ago.
I'd *really* like to see some serious moves being made to put in bikeways for safe egress/ingress to these subs that are sprouting like weeds out here!
Ron Torrella
(Pittsfield rabble-rouser)
P.S. The drive varies because the Route 22 ("Connecter") bus is the only one that goes to North Campus and the only quasi-legitimate park 'n ride lots on the southeast side are Meijer (don't tell them) or the strip in front of Ace Hardware on Washtenaw. What a traffic jam *that* road is at 8am!!