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RE: SG-W:/ AATA bus routes

I don't know whether Pittsfield specifically does, but I do know that there
is bus service in portions of Pittsfield -- Meijer, on the corner of
Ellsworth and Carpenter, is in Pittsfield. I wasn't aware that townships had
to pay for bus connectivity -- you learn something new every day. Doesn't
AATA receive state and fed funding? How much does Chelsea and Dexter chip in
for bus service?

A few questions back at you....where's Chelsea and/or Dexter's version of
Newmarket?  Pittsfield's population nearly doubled between 1990-2000, didn't
it? The 2000 census had Chelsea at almost 4398 and Dexter at 2338. Even
including Dexter Twp's 5248  in the total for that area doesn't approach
Pittsfield's 30,167! Saline's population is only 8034, as of that census, so
how do they rate getting 25 bus stops?

I've not delved into the specifics of what's involved with setting up new
bus routes, so I don't know what they base their decisions on -- other than
ridership. If there are enough folks who want to ride buses, seems to me
that the transit folks want the extra income. I ride the 22 Connector (when
I can catch the darned thing!) and most of the time there are maybe 8-10
people on them. Granted, it's one of those handicapper buses, so it's small.
But I guarantee that if there were bus service below I-94 between Carpenter
and Hewitt, ridership would double from that area. Easily.

Here's what appears to be AATA's mission statement:

It is the mission of the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority to contribute to
the management of mobility in Ann Arbor and the urbanized area by working to
provide options for efficient and reliable transportation.

Efficient, reliable transportation in the area I'm talking about would be a

Ron Torrella
(No thanks, we don't need Meijer Bucks to dirty up AATA's pockets.

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