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RE: SG-W:/ AATA bus routes

I'm afraid that there is a lot of 'I don't know' in here.

My understanding is that Ann Arbor has a millage for the purpose of paying
for part of AATA. If the surrounding townships want service, they need to
pony up part of the cost. I don't know how much Chelsea or Dexter chip in
for service, but I assume that they must pay something. AATA does receive
state and fed funding, but I don't know how much or with what obligations.
Funding is one of those funny things. For all I know, Meijer's may have
already paid AATA to make a stop at their Pittsfield store. Does anyone
else know more about this?

Again, my focus in planning is not transportation planning, so there is
some element of 'I don't know' in here, too. For example, bus routes are
not just determined by ridership but also by the density of people; i.e.
the goal is to get the bus full while going the least amount of distance.
A bus that has to go a long ways to get half full just doesn't make
economic sense. So while Pittsfield may have a larger population in total,
they are much more spread out.

Let's see... density stats we know:

City of A2 - 114,024 people in 17,252 acres for a density of 6.6
Dexter - 2,338 in 976 acres = 2.4 people/acre
Chelsea - 4,398 in 1,533 acres = 2.8
Saline - 8,040 in 2,659 acres = 3.0

Pittsfield Twshp - 30,167 people in 17,982 acres = 1.68
Dexter Twshp - 5,248 in 21,218 acres = .25

>From this we can see a couple of things: 1) it would seem surprising that
AATA didn't connect to Saline before now, as the density seems to warrant
to more than Dexter or Chelsea... which tells me that density isn't all
they look at; and (2) that Pittsfield would make a better candidate for
transit than Dexter twshp, but maybe it isn't enough for AATA. Of course,
the stats above are misleading, at least for the townships, because it
doesn't take into account large housing developments or concentrations of
density, and the concentrations are probably more important. At least the
above are some sort of numbers to apply to the problem.


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