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RE: SG-W:/ AATA bus routes

Title: Torrella Systems Stationery
Part of the reason I at least *try* to use mass transit is because my
employer (UM) gives me the option if I don't want to pay for a space on
campus (their permits range from around $50/yr up to just over $900/yr --
most common permit is blue and costs $458/yr). Not only do I save the money
I'd otherwise pay for the permit, the lower cost of operating my vehicle is
something that I think others benefit from -- one less contributor to the
traffic jams, a little less pollution (the minor detail that I still have to
drive to the bus stop). So, if AATA wants to tack on a surcharge (if they
aren't already - I gotta think they do), fine with me. We all come out ahead
if we can provide a safe, reliable means of getting from one place to
another without creating more pollution.
You know, I really only got started on this after my wife mentioned that she
was concerned about all of those people who walk from south of Michigan Ave
(probably from the trailer park) up to Meijer to either catch a bus to go to
work or go shopping. Fortunately, there haven't been large numbers of
fatalities along there, but there have been a few. I also notice quite a lot
of pedestrians walking east on Michigan Ave towards Hewitt -- I think people
actually walk over to Walmart and whatever else they want in that strip
mall. It's just not safe to be walking in those areas. There's no allowance
for foot or pedalled traffic!
So, I'm not just carping for something to do. I'm really concerned about
safety, at bottom.
Ron Torrella
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