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SG-W:/ Add your name to a full-page ad against the war?

I think this ad will be of interest to some Smartgrowthers.
I'm a member of a small peace group that opposes the government's
current actions in Afghanistan, and we working to halt them.
Please sign and send in the form with a contribution if you want
your name on the ad.  Deadline Nov 5.

Add your name to this full-page ad to appear in the
Ann Arbor News:

Are you uneasy with the U.S. war in Afghanistan?

You are not alone.

The undersigned residents of Ann Arbor and
Southeastern Michigan call upon our national leaders
to stop the bombing and use political, legal, and
economic means to bring about a just solution to the
conflict in Afghanistan.

We condemn the attacks of September 11 and wish to see
the perpetrators brought to justice. We mourn those
who lost their lives due to terrorist
violence-including the four Arab Americans and Sikhs
killed in acts of vengeance in the days following
September 11.

We do not believe that bombing Afghanistan or any
other nation is a reasonable response to the attacks
on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, nor do we
believe it will make our nation more secure.
Furthermore, the U.S. military action in Afghanistan
is intensifying a staggering humanitarian crisis;
millions of people are presently at risk of

We urge all people to:

* Show respect, tolerance, and support for your
neighbors and community members. Make a special effort
to extend a hand of friendship to people who may be
targeted for harassment at this time due to their
race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin.

* Speak out for what you believe is right and help
create the space for others to speak out for what they
believe is right. Our region, like the rest of the
United States, is caught up in a vague notion of
patriotism and good-vs.-evil. Critical discussion and
dissent are tried and true traits of loyal Americans.
Voicing an opinion is one?s patriotic duty in a
democracy. Write a letter to the editor, call your
Congressional representatives, talk to your friends,
family, and neighbors.

* Help construct a peaceful solution. We are standing
on the brink of a new world. How we respond to the
current crisis will mark us as either a force for
healing, sanity, and peace-or for further bloodshed,
poverty, and despair. What this new world will look
like is up to all of us.

Sen. Carl Levin, SR-269 Russell Senate Office Bldg.,
Washington DC 20510, 202-224-6221; 313-226-6020.
Email: senator2@levin.senate.gov
Sen. Debbie Stabenow, 702 Hart Senate Office Bldg.,
Washington DC 20510, 202-224-4822; 313-961-4330.
Email: senator@stabenow.senate.gov
Rep. Lynn Rivers (18th Congressional District), 1724
Longworth Bldg., Washington DC 20515, 202-225-6261;
734-485-3741. Email: lynn.rivers@mail.house.gov

NAMES           NAMES          NAMES          NAMES

Make it a peaceful new world for everyone on Earth.

The Ann Arbor Ad Hoc Committee for Peace can be
reached at: P.O. Box 130074, Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0074
or by email at peace.info@umich.edu
Website - http://www-personal.umich.edu/~gust/a2group/

Yes, I want my name to be listed as a signer on this
full-page ad in the Ann Arbor News.
Print name as you wish it to appear in the
Amount contributed ($10 min. requested):$______
Name of petitioner:________________________

Send in this form with your contribution by November 5
to P.O. Box 130074, Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0074. Make
checks (non-tax-deductible) payable to Ann Arbor Ad
Hoc Committee for Peace. Contributions will be used to
pay for the cost of the ad. Any extra funds will be
used for peace and justice activities. Thank you!

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