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SG-W:/ New listserve on protecting isolated wetlands

*******Attention Wetlands Advocates********

The National Wildlife Federation announces a new Listserv to track 
developments across the country related to the protection of 
"isolated" waters and wetlands in wake of the U.S. Supreme Court 
ruling in Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) v. U.S. 
Army Corps of Engineers.

We hope to use this list to exchange information tracking:

*  Federal Agency implementation of the SWANCC decision

*  Court rulings with implications to further defining the scope of SWANCC

*  Local, State, and Federal efforts to restore protection for 
isolated waters and/or fight efforts to weaken existing protection

*  Impacts to aquatic systems occurring as a result of SWANCC

We invite all parties with an interest in improving protection for 
isolated wetlands and other waters to join this list.  We 
specifically invite all interested local, state and federal agency 
staff, conservationists, sportsmen and women, academics, field 
biologists, and anyone else who shares our interest in protecting 
these unique systems.  While we have contracted with attorney Jan 
Goldman-Carter to help post summaries of legal decisions and to help 
gather information for this list, we hope that all subscribers will 
post information on happenings in their areas of the country.

This will be a moderated list with all messages requiring moderator 
approval for posting.  NWF reserves the right to reject any 
prospective subscribers it believes to be working counter to the 
interest of wetlands conservation and any postings it judges to be 
inappropriate in content or tone.

Postings to the SWANCC list will begin in mid to late November, so 
sign up today!

Send a message to sibbing@nwf.org with the subject line "subscribe"
In the body of the message, please give your name, email address, 
city/state, affiliation and reason for joining the list.

Please distribute this posting to others who may be interested in 
joining the list.

Julie M. Sibbing
Wetlands Legislative Representative
National Wildlife Federation
1400 16th St. N.W., Suite 501
Washington, DC  20036
(202) 797-6832
fax (202) 797-6646


Mary Beth Doyle, MPH
Environmental Health Project
Ecology Center
117 N. Division
Ann Arbor MI 48104

734-663-2400 ext 108
734-663-2414 (fax)

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